Designer Ravi Bajaj Celebrates 25 Years in Indian Fashion at Chivas Spotlight

Ranjit Rodricks
Lisa Haydon & Ravi Bajaj

Chivas Spotlight, the haute luxe series, was held in Mumbai at The Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai on Saturday evening, and it was co-hosted by veteran designer Ravi Bajaj, to celebrate his twenty-five years in fashion.

The soiree saw a brief presentation of his latest designs as guests like Princess Francoise Sturdza, Queenie Singh, Narendra Kumar, Lisa Haydon, and Leslie Lewis enjoyed the flowing champagne and special Chivas cocktails.

Have a look at some pix from the event:

Lisa Haydon wearing a Ravi Bajaj saree
Narendra Kumar
Queenie Singh
Models in designs by Ravi Bajaj
Leslie Lewis
Princess Francoise Sturdza
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