10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Video Extra Special!

10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Video Extra Special!

Vishal Punjabi

There’s an interview coming soon with a peek at the crew that made the phenomenal film Heartbeats but first I asked Vishal to give you some tips to make your own wedding video super special! xoxo

The Wedding Filmer
The Wedding Filmer

Since I make films for a living (I direct commercials as my day job) what I try to do with these weddings is always tell a story. My crew who shoot with me are the same guys who shoot movies and TVCs which is why it’s technically “correct”! And all of this started at my own wedding! When Zara and I were getting married, she wanted a video but ours was really small and intimate and I couldn’t bear the thought of a shaadi videowala with a blinding light on our faces so as wedding gift to her I shot one myself (with a little help from my friends!) That short went viral and requests to do this started pouring in!

Watch Vishal & Zara’s Wedding Video

5 ways to make your wedding video extra special! – for the bride & groom!

1. Make sure you enjoy your wedding… If you’re angry with the decorator, it’s going to show.

2. The warmer you are with your videography and photography crew, the more intimate your film and pictures will be.

3. Avoid the temptation of getting plastered on the night before your wedding! ;)

4. But make sure your friends do! Nothing is more fun that drunk friends on the dance floor!

5. Don’t get too many photographers unless you want to feel like the Paparazzi is following you.

5 ways to make your wedding video extra special! – For the budding Videographer

1. One eye looks through the lens, but do keep the other one open for any magic around.

2. Cameras aren’t important. One of the best wedding videos I’ve ever made was shot on a phone!

3. Don’t be obtrusive. Nothing is more important than the wedding. Not even the wedding video.

4. It doesn’t matter what setting you’re on… What’s more important is documenting what happens when it does! Roll your camera.

5. Make as many friends as you can at the wedding. They will help you get that great shot!

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