Beauty School: 10 Must Haves for Your Beauty Kit!

Sunita Brace

Bombay girl Sunita was a flight attendant with Gulf Air for 8 years and has now made a career out of makeup after training with Cory Walia and FATMU. Here are her tips! xoxo

Sunita Brace

“Makeup is helping people see the beauty within themselves.” – Kevin Aucoin

Most women would just as soon leave home without makeup as they would walk out the door without wearing pants. Makeup is an essential, which is why one of a woman’s most important accessories is her cosmetics bag – the little pouch that holds every tool she needs to look fresh-faced throughout the day anymore.

So, what are the true essentials? It’s slightly different for everyone, of course, but there are some old standbys you can always use to touch up your look. They’re the basics you don’t want to be without – Lets check out the 10 items that definitely belong in your go-to kit, and find out why they’re essential.

1. Moisturiser


The most important step in achieving that flawless complexion is to hydrate your skin- both from the outside and from within. Drink water, at least 8 glasses a day – I know you’ve heard this before but it does work! Tender coconut water is amazing too. Externally use a good moisturiser depending upon your skin type- for dry skin, a creamier formula and for oily skin a gel based one. Today a lot of tinted moisturizers are available or you can also mix a small amount of your foundation with the moisturizer to achieve the same result. Get travel sizes.

2. Sunscreen


A little sunscreen a day will keep those wrinkles away! Its not just for the beach, this should be part of your daily routine. Sunblock in cosmetics is great, but to benefit from this you have to really layer the makeup on – so using a separate sunscreen is the way to go. If you’re using a tinted moisturiser, then apply the sunscreen prior to the first step but don’t skip it. Coppertone, Neutrogena are some great options. Again get travel sizes.

3. Lip and Cheek Tint

Lip and Cheek Tint

We all love products that multitask and this is one will do just that for you. When applied to the cheek it gives you a natural, just-had-a-great-work-out kinda glow that comes from within and on the lip its gives you the perfect just bitten pout. Works fab for on the go and adds colour to the face without being too obvious. My favs are the Benetint and Cha Cha tint for duskier skin.

4. Pressed Powder

Pressed Powders

While I prefer using loose powders on shoots, for your makeup kit on-the-go it’s far better and less messy to use a pressed powder – and there is a huge variety to choose from. For oily skins a more pigmented and dense powder like the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is good. Normal to dry skins can use sheer formulas like Inglot Cosmetics Pressed Powder, Estée Lauder Double Matte Oil-Control Pressed Powder, Lancôme Versatile Powder. Make sure to test the color like you would a foundation. If its seen please clean, it has to blend into your jaw line and disappear into the skin.

5. Mascara


Definitely an eye opener! Your eyes can speak volumes so let them shout out to the world. Mascara opens the eyes and brightens them. Giving them depth and definition. Apply well from roots to tips after taking off any excess to avoid clumping. Use waterproof mascara in the monsoon or even during the humid summers or at the beach. I love the Givenchy Phenomeneyes waterproof black mascara but even Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara works just as well.

6. A Kohl Pencil that won’t smudge.

Kohl Pencils

This one needs no explanation. No one wants racoon eyes but in our kind of hot humid weather wearing kohl generally causes just that. These days however multiple brands have great options – MAC Technakohl in Graph Black, Maybelline The Colossal Kajal, Lakmé Eye Conic Kajal, Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner to name a few. For those who just can’t get the smudging to stop try using a gel liner inside your waterline – will stay put for hours!!!!

7. Deodorant/ Perfume


Smelling good is as important as looking good and our weather again does not help, sweat and humidity can be evil. Even a pretty face can look less appealing if you smell bad. These days there are travel size deodorants and perfumes that are available. Also solid perfumes, no spills are a great option.

8. Face Wipes

Face Wipes

Super convenient and so essential. You can use baby wipes (get smaller packs so they don’t dry out) to take off makeup, freshen up or even to correct your mistakes when you’re applying your makeup. Himalaya, Johnson & Johnson are baby brands. Wipes especially for makeup are available too from KARA (the green pack is great for removing makeup including kohl and mascara), MAC does wipes too and they are fab.

9. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I LOVE this Product! Created in 1930 this product has been used and praised by beauty editors, makeup artists and models alike. It restores and calms dry chapped skin instantly and can be used on your lips, hands, elbows – absolutely anywhere and for any emergency skin moment. I always use it instead of a lip gloss, perfect shine and great for the lips. Apparently, Ms. Arden famously used it to sooth her thoroughbred horses’ legs. This is an absolute must have!

10. Clear Nail Varnish and Nail File

Clear Nail Varnish and Nail File

These tools will get you through any nail emergency (opt for travel sizes). Chipped nails can get into everything, besides being highly irritable. The nail file will help to take off the sharp edges. Clear nail varnish can help to keep your nail intact till you get home to a nail clipper. Apply on nails for a quick manicure and it is also great to mend minor tears in outfits and tights and even seal paper cuts!

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