Beauty School: 5 Tips to Combat Acne

Karen Alfonso , 26 Jan 2013
Clear Skin (photo courtesy | lacedivory)
Clear Skin (photo courtesy | lacedivory)

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Reader Switty had asked us how to combat acne prone skin recently and like all good blog sites we just had to oblige. This topic is so close to my heart since I suffer from acne-prone skin. I have tried everything – from toothpaste to every wand promising pimples tovanish overnight. (I’m a sucker for beauty products) I’ve listed top 5 tips to help combat acne.

Clear Skin
Clear Skin

1) Choose a Facewash with Salycic Acid

Salycic acid is best in combating acne. It’s  mild and treats it below the surface area of the skin. If you prefer something more natural, Tea Tree oil works wonders.

2) Don’t Use a Scrub

Using an exfoliator inflames the skin and thus leads to breakouts.

3) Don’t Pop that Pimple!

It’s tempting. Very tempting, especially since you feel like it’s the size of a football and all you want to do is wear a paper bag over your head but picking at pimples leads to scarring and pock-marks on your face.

4) Treat Dandruff

Whenever I spot those annoying flakes on my scalp, I get into overdrive and immediately switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo. Dandruff is known to cause acne especially on the forehead and cheek area since it irritates the skin.

5) Wipe Your Cellphone Regularly

Yes, this is the a new one but since we regularly speak on the phone it harbours plenty of germs that lead to acne. Use cleansing/anti-bacterial wipes on a frequent basis.

MissMalini recommends:

Ponds Clear Pimples facewash (containing herbal clay and neem)

Ponds No blackheads (containing unique volcanic clay)

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