Dear Varun Dhawan, is Natasha Your Girl?!

Team MissMalini
Photo Credit : Varun Dhawan

We told you yesterday that Varun Dhawan was spotted at the Swedish House Mafia concert with his girlfriend, so we tried to do a little digging to see what we could find out about her (for the sake of Varun fangirls everywhere). We haven’t come away with too much – yet – but the search is on, girlfriends, the search is on. :)

What we did find out is that her name is Natasha, and she apparently attended Jai Hind College in Mumbai. We hear she’s a sweet girl and Varun’s very much in love with her; he’s apparently always showering her with gifts and the like. There’s also this tweet he made in reply to a fan’s question some time ago, and we’ll let you decide what it means:

Photo Credit : @Varun_dvn

P.S. we had to share this with you; unfortunately it seems a few hearts have been broken… :)

Photo Credit : Tweets
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