Cava Wine Tasting With Raventós i Blanc! (Yes, I'm So Fancy.)

MissMalini , 30 Jan 2013
Cava wine tasting
Cava wine tasting

Last night, thanks to Aspri Spirits, The Kitchen Butterfly and I tried some exquisite Spanish wines at Poco Loco along with the charming Frances Escala from the House of Raventos I Blanc guiding us through them! My favorite take away from the evening was when Frances said, “why not start and end every meal with bubbles?” Why not indeed.

Take a peek at the wines we tried (we loved the white & red best i.e. Perfum de Vi Blanc and Isabel Negra) and next time you get a chance order yourself a glass of bubbly too! Oh and congrats to Poco Loco who were just named the best Spanish restaurant in Bombay by the Times Food Guide. Based on their chorizo paella I must concur.

Francesc Escala
Francesc Escala

Raventós i Blanc

Raventós i Blanc has a rich history and their origins can be traced back to the 1500s. A landmark year for them was 1872 when a gentleman by the name of Josep Maria Raventós created the world’s first Cava, and a dynasty was born.

Psst! A wine expert has provided the following descriptions so they are best read in your sexiest Spanish accent :) xoxo

Raventos i Blanc
Raventos i Blanc

Raventos I Blanc, L’Hereu Reserve Brut 2008/ Cava

Grape: Macabeo & Xarel Parellada
Aroma: Citrious aroma highlighted by hints of white fruits with old factory elements in perfect balance.
Body & Taste: The palatte is built on both freshness and concentration. A long and very clean finish.
Suggested Food Pairing: Perfect aperitif and a great pairing with light cuisine.

2) Raventos I Blanc, De Nit/ Rose’ Cavai

Nature: Sparkling Rose
Grape: Macabeo Xarel, Parellada & Monastrell
Aroma: Clean pure and almost crystalline. Little by little citrus aromas subtly emerge with memories of fresh white fruit and a touch of cassis.
Body & Taste: It has smooth volume-ness and fruity texture with pleasant freshness and fine bubbles. Good balance with lingering finish of fresh fruit.
Suggested Food Pairing: This Cava makes a great just bubble drink and pairs best with steamed/ grilled/ sautéed seafood. Also goes well with oysters, sashimi, Spanish traditional tapas, Paella, far eastern and middle eastern specialities, chocolate and chocolate
combinatations, various fruit based desserts and vegetarian cuisine.

Raventos i Blanc
Raventos i Blanc

3) Raventos I Blanc, Perfum de Vi Blanc

Nature: White
Grape: macabeo & muscat de frontignan
Aroma: Intensity reminiscent of fresh grapes, extremely floral where roses reign supreme as well as peach and hint of fresh fig.
Body & Taste: Palate is straight forward and immediate but with pleasant juiciness that recalls sensation of ripe peach.
Suggested Food Pairing: Appetisers, rice dishes, roast, seafood, semi mature cheese and white fish.

4) Raventos I Blanc, Perfum de Vi Blanc Isabel Negra

Nature: Red
Grape: Merlot & Cabernet
Aroma: Hints of fresh cassis with notes of leather, spices and cacaos.
Body & Taste: Smooth texture on palate, juiciness of fruit in delicate tannic sensation with spice aromaticness.
Suggested Food Pairing: Rice with meat, roast chicken, game stew, roasts, game birds and sheep cheese.

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