Top 3 Most Played Songs on New Year's Eve!

MissMalini , 13 Feb 2013
Top 3 Most Played Songs on New Year's Eve
Top 3 Most Played Songs on New Year’s Eve

Would you believe these three songs topped the “most played” list at the stroke of midnight as we ushered in 2013? Me neither. Dude, Psy! You’re still killing it?! xoxo

Gangam Style – Psy

Park Jae-sang is a South Korean singer/rapper, who is better known by his stage name, PSY, which stems from the first three letters of the word psycho. PSY is popular in his home country for the satirical slant of his songs and humorous videos and stage performances.

The song title refers to the luxurious lifestyle associated with the affluent and trendy Gangnam section of the South Korean capital city of Seoul. (Gangham literally means “south of the river.”) PSY compares to the location a sexy lady who knows when to be refined and when to get wild.

Diamonds in the Sky – Rihanna

Asked during an interview on Facebook Live what her favourite of her own singles is, Rihanna replied that she used to favor Umbrella but now this song has replaced it as her preferred tune. “It’s a really powerful song even to listen to,” she explained, “it just gets you… you just get sucked in. Even if you’re in the club, it really f–ks with your head.”

Regarding the song’s message, Rihanna told MTV News: “I think a lot of people are afraid of being happy because of what others might think of it, They’re afraid to embrace that and embrace themselves and love themselves and do what they love and do what makes them happy. My story is definitely going to be a happily ever after, no matter what.”

Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia

The song was inspired by Swedish House Mafia‘s admiration towards Sydney, Australia. “We were at this amazing house in Sydney by the water,” recalled Axwell to MTV News, “and we were trying to take in all the amazingness of Sydney. So we took out a couch and sat in the garden with the ocean view there. And we were like, ‘OK, let’s make something that sounds how this looks.’ ”

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