A Valentine's Gift Guide for the Lazy Boyfriend!

MissMalini , 14 Feb 2013
photo courtesy | dumpaday.com
photo courtesy | dumpaday.com

Alright boys, nobody panic! I polled my girlfriends this morning to find out what would impress them most as a Valentine’s gift or gesture and I’m happy to report that at least some of these can be accomplished by even the laziest of you lot. You’re welcome, now enjoy.

MissMalini asked: I’m doing a blog on Valentine’s 101 for the lazy boyfriend. What, as girls, would you most like on Valentine’s day, gift of gesture wise?

* A surprise visit with a bunch of flowers.

* A Valentine’s midnight dim-lit kiss!

* I am pretty simple – home cooked three course mexican meal with baked apple crisp for dessert and a non-horror movie to watch after. He could also make a list of things he’d like to do to make life easier for me and read them aloud wholeheartedly. He wouldn’t have to do the things on the list.

* Perfume.

* Chocolates and a day at the spa!

* A handwritten note or card. I think people always go over the top.

* A pair of Christian Louboutins. Hahaha! But if not, then for me I’d like him to make me breakfast!

* A hand-written love letter posted in time to arrive on Valentine’s Day early morning, followed by flowers/chocolates/balloons/music CDs and finally himself with the real gift, preferably diamond-like expensive or a surprise holiday! All this ain’t much to make up for the laziness all year round.

* Breakfast in bed made by him with a single gorgeous rose on the tray!

* Flowers and candle lit dinner at home.

* Would love a guy to cook me dinner instead of making reservations at a restaurant, so much more thoughtful and romantic.

* A big fat beautiful bunch of flowers followed by an awesome home cooked meal by my husband (both of which I am getting yay!)

* Flowers do it for me! And perhaps a meal cooked by him!

* 1. Making a playlist for my iPod that I use on my morning walk, that way I start my day with love and since it’s difficult to meet with schedules of people in this city it’s a sweet reminder. 2. Book my scuba diving trip!

* Just buy some nice chocolates or a romantic bike ride always works for me! Also late night tea and desserts at Moshes!

* Nothing corny to begin with. Just make one feel special, a lovely dinner with super ambience, great wine of course accompanied by a tastefully selected gift. Time is of the essence!

* Something small/simple but meaningful. No grand generic thing. Any nice little surprise!

* I would love any gesture that convey to me, that he appreciates my presence in his life, he respects me, and that he loves me. I’d love him to express this in anyway he is comfortable. Be it a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers or even just a thoughtful card. I wouldn’t complain though, if it was all of the above ;).

* Macarons would be purr-fect! It’s simple and sweet (with pun intended), not as common as chocolates, and shows you’ve put a little thought into it :-)

* I would like my husband to write me a letter reminding me of all the reasons he’s in love with me :) having said that, we treat everyday as Valentine’s Day. Everyday is a celebration of our love. So not very big on V Day!

* Talk to my boss and get me out of work so he can spend the day with me? True but tough!

* Cupcakes! Red velvet preferably – goes with the theme of the day – but who’s being picky when it comes to cupcakes?

* It would be a gesture enough to not make things grand just for an occasion, cause things should be grand everyday!

* A beautiful candel lit home cooked meal with flowers everywhere!

* Spending a day together. Right now we are in the same city but he lives in Juhu and me in Sobo because of the frightening commute in this city.

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