A Valentine's Gift Guide for the Lazy Girlfriend!

MissMalini , 14 Feb 2013
photo courtesy | pleated-jeans.com
photo courtesy | pleated-jeans.com

As I was polling my girlfriends for answers to create a Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Lazy Boyfriend this morning, one of them rightly pointed out that I should do a blog about what guys want on Valentine’s too, since it’s not only the girls who should be made to feel special! Duly chastised I’ve created this list… I hope it’s not too late ladies, and if all else fails, you can always try one of these tomorrow. (Because after all, every day should be your day of love, right?!) xoxo

MissMalini Asked: Hello someone mentioned a good point that I should blog what you guys want as well! So now doing a blog on valentines 101 for the lazy girlfriend too. What as boys would you most like on valentines day gift of gesture wise? :)

* Interesting question, Always thought that Valentine’s is a guy’s responsibility to make his girl feel special. But since you ask, have done all the exotic locations and hotels and gifts. So a pure simple day of maybe just cooking together at home and a candle light dinner on a terrace and see where the night takes you – whether dancing or a movie and romance at home. It always amazed me when we didn’t have much money in college how much a girl would be happy with just a card and a rose. It’s that gesture of hers that impresses me most!

* I love this! For a change the tables are turning. Why not, well we are emotional fools too you know. To begin with, me being an advertising guy would want HONEST and TRUE communication on that day :) What goes on in that mind of yours, every darn thing OUT! That’s a good start and then maybe for a change a brilliant sense of humor (can be the worst PJs even). We guys love just about anything coming out of your mouth *LOL* Coming to how we look for a change, hungry for compliments. Just a little here and there, not too much, that would spoil it. And lastly I may want to hold you, hug you but what if it was your arm around me for reassurance?

* When the girl wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day before you do it’s more than enough, other gifts are just a bonus! We guys love when sometimes our women make the first move!

* It is Valentine’s day every day for us and we count our blessings daily!

* Let me eat dinner in bed.

* Alcohol miniatures, the guy’s fave team’s jersey in terms of gifts. And for gestures, she can wear the Cavalli lingerie the guy gets her!

* XBox game!

* Well I would love to have a few compliments flying around anytime and some kind of appreciation for whatever it may be. Anything at all… Although it being unsaid or whatever, sometimes voicing it could do wonders!

* See I am lucky as my other half is not lazy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. She cooks me a great breakfast to start off my day and makes sure she is free to spend the entire day with me :)

* Organising a date which involves watching the football tonight (Tottenham) and drinking beer all night!

* Bar stuff – shot glasses, corkscrews, cards. Though it’s generic, colognes also work. If they know your taste and brands that fit then shirts, cardigans, shoes. Alcohol? Not sure I’d like that from a girl though… electronics always work!

* Move March 14th to Feb 14th. Confused? “Google March 14th and Steak”

* Beer and his GF (i.e. God Father DVD)

*I think this is such a girl centric day, and all that comes along with it can be emasculating. So from a non-sexual perspective – I think doing something to make a guy feel like a guy is always appreciated. A gift of setting aside another day where it’s “guy’s” day would be cool. Boxing event, cigar/whiskey tasting, gun range, sports match, etc. in my humble opinion.

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