The Fashionista And Her Collar!

Arshiya Fakih Eappen , 15 Feb 2013

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It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog… that often seems to be the thought on my mind! It is not something I’ve done much of, or I am particularly good at, so it’s unusual that I should be missing it. Well I guess I enjoy sharing my love for style, and helping someone look well turned out!

Sometimes it’s important to make a fashion statement and let the world know that you are a fashionista. Maybe, usually an understated one, but only by choice! Here are two easy trends for Spring-Summer’13, which will suit most people and would do a fairly good job in making that point.

The Owl

An apt metaphor for all the party people, who do not like to sleep!

It is easiest worn as a necklace. Its cutesy form, and somewhat scary big eyes, are a balanced representation of fun and female fetale, so enjoy wearing it by day and night.

Owl necklaces
Owl necklaces

Other ways to make this statement:


The Detachable Collar


Although a trend from Fall’12, it continues to be big in Spring-Summer’13.

It can be easily slipped onto any collarless shirt or dress!

Things to remember:

1) Everything else needs to be simple and understated.
2) Please pick one that looks well finished. There are plenty tackily done pieces out there. Just like jewellery, take your time to pick an interesting and pretty piece.
3) Pulled back hair looks great with this look. Let the collar remain the focus.
4) It can be worn to look like a necklace or as a real collar.

If you do not want to invest in one, it is easy to separate a collar from any old shirt (please ensure that the collar is not in shabby condition), and embellish it with some stones.

“It’s easy to wear white head to toe if you simply add a bold piece of jewelry or other accessory.”  – Christy James

So ladies, get out there, and make an effort to confidently carry off a cool piece of accessory!

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