The Others: Meet "Supercool Bombay Guy"

MissMalini , 18 Feb 2013

Question: Have you ever gone to your Facebook message Inbox and clicked on messages from “Other”? Chances are, if you’re a girl, there will be 99+ of these waiting for your perusal and at least one them will remind you of THIS guy!

A: Subject: Check out his email id: [email protected]

Funny Facebook messages
Funny Facebook messages

So this was the charming message one of my girlfriends shared with us today which triggered a hilarious email exchange between the rest of us! Check it out :) xoxo

MM: Hahahahaha awesome.
A: Keep me posted on your life?! Hahaha. This guy.
H: Also, um he’s def not American? His English is horrible?
MM: You guys!!! This just gave me the BEST blog idea ever!

N: That’s awesome M! A, could it be true that his email address is [email protected]? It pains me too much to think that is real. Can we pls send him an anonymous email there?
A: Haha. Let’s do it! Even better if we create a [email protected] email id.
N: or how about [email protected]com?
H: hahaha love it. I should take a look at my “others”, see if there are any new gems. ;)

Funny Facebook messages
Funny Facebook messages

How to Spot “The Others”

1. The message will most likely begin with a “stumbled upon/bumped into your profile” opener.
2. There will be a request for your “BBM Pin”
3. There will be a slightly offended follow up message (often within 48 hours) indicating his surprise that you haven’t yet replied. Ka-boom.

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