Happy Birthday Kurt. (Cobain Would Have Been 46 Today.)

Happy Birthday Kurt. (Cobain Would Have Been 46 Today.)

Marv D'Souza
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ” Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain is definitely one of  the most missed musicians in history. On his birthday, we wish him peace and thank him for the music.

Today, his widow Courtney Love and daughter Frances, along with his fans will think of him in love, respect and sincere admiration for the music he made, and the man he was. Here are 10 most loved tracks by Nirvana.

1. Lake Of Fire

2. All Apologies

3.You Know You’re Right

4. Heart Shaped Box

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit

6. Half The Man I Used To Be

7. Come As You Are

8. In Bloom

9. About a Girl

10. Man Who Sold The World

The last track was written by David Bowie and Nirvana had covered it brilliantly. Kurt Cobain was a voice of a generation. A troubled poet even, who had followers that knew what he was talking about. He set the “Grunge” movement in full swing. He will be forever remain an influence for musician, artists, designers and many more. Kurt Cobain will always be remembered.