Photo Blog: My Colourful Mumbai.

Khyati Gandhi

I am back with a photo blog and this time I have tried to capture all the colorful things in Mumbai, be it fruits or fashion!


Bangles come in hundreds of shades, not just red and green.


Try putting a yellow bulb inside these lamps and they will glow like magic and fill your house with color!


Remember the Akshay Kumar song Gore gore mukhde pe kala kala chashma… Now we have colorful sunglasses as well!

Slings Bags

Love the vibrant sling bags! They can make any dull, boring outfit look funky. Don’t you think?


Beads, just like bangles come in hundreds of shades!


This particular flower caught my attention at a coffee table because of the colors on the inside. Have a close look and you’ll see the different shades of yellow, brown and mustard.

T shirts

Who says black and white are not colors too…

Idols of God

In fact, black and white give colorful objects a completely different look.

Ayurvedic medicines

Even the color brown comes in different shades and most Ayurvedic stuff comes in shades of brown…

Banarasi paan

The Banarasi paan is as colorful as a banasari lady!

Fridge Magnets

Colorful fridge magnets can make your kitchen a beautiful place!


Especially with a basket of colorful fruits on the dinning table!


And to end on a sweet note, macarons! So try to notice the colors around you and make your life a colorful place!

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