Salman Khan is Looking for His Most Dabangg Fan!

Salman Khan G+ Hangout

Oooh and #SalmanFan & #DabanggFan’s please note, when I asked him what’s the one thing he would be really impressed/surprised to hear that his fans know about him?

Salman Khan said, “my fans already know EVERYTHING about me, in fact they know more about me than I know about myself!”

And I know this because I just got home from an exclusive virtual press meet with Bhai himself! Yup, Salman Khan is conducting a month-long ‘Fan Hunt’ where the winners will become his official fan club/community managers on Google+ and to launch this he did G+ “hangout” with us (the press) and gave us all the deets. Plus he answered some of our random questions too! So first thing’s first, click here and join his Community and then read on for the scoop from our chat!

Psst! You’ll be able to watch our hangout later on YouTube too, I promise I’ll keep you posted :) xoxo

Salman Khan G+ Hangout

So the first thing Salman said when we all logged in was, “don’t use any hi-fi terminology in our chat please… jo mujhe samajh nahin aaye!” *lol* so cute, then he proceeded to get super excited about the “concept” of a Google Hangout. Especially that it was FREE and that you could dial in up to 9 people from around the world and have a private chat. His one major concern being, “nobody can break into my private chat na?” and when we assured him this was all true he kept say, “Nahi yaar! No way!!! Why haven’t you told me about this for SO long then?!”

Salman Khan G+ Hangout

The first question to Salman was the usual, when will you get married and have kids? So he cheekily replied, “marriage not sure, but kids yes! I want to just bypass the system and go straight to having my kids!”

I asked him some of your Twitter questions obviously, the first being, will there be a Dabangg 3? Which Amu, his biggest fan at Team MissMalini also wanted to know :)

Tweets for Salman

To which he replied, “Yes, there will be a Dabangg 3… and then we will go even beyond that and make a Dabangg -1, about how Chulbul became Chulbul Pandey!” I think he was joking but how awesome would THAT be?!

Tweets for Salman

I also checked on Being Human clothing and merchandise being available online (since SO many of you asked!) He said it would be, come April! AND that he personally approves every piece of merchandise from the label and loves ALL the colours. In fact he even scrapped the entire women’s line because he didn’t like it but the new one’s almost ready now so Being Human for girls will hit stores this month!!!

Salman Khan G+ Hangout

When another journo asked him about Twitter and if he has ever used it to clarify a rumor he said, “No. I use it to share with my friends, but I don’t ever use it to justify or to clarify anything. And I don’t use it to tell you what I ate for lunch.”

Salman Khan G+ Hangout

This was just a teaser of course, and the whole virtual interview is coming soon to a video near you. But for now go join that Community, and tweet @BeingSalmanKhan with #SalmanFan and #SalmanGPlus to get a head start in the race to be his official community manager. Imagine just how cool THAT would be!!! Good luck :)

Also join the Being Human G+ page and Salman Khan’s official G+ Page.

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