Salman Khan v/s Suniel Shetty! Who’s Winning This Fight?

Rashmi Daryanani
Salman Khan v/s Suniel Shetty

We like to have a bit of fun in the office, so when MissMalini e-mailed me pictures of Salman Khan and Suniel Shetty from one of the Celebrity Cricket League matches, she asked a very interesting question: “Who do you think would win in a fight between these two?!” We had a laugh over it, but that of course got me thinking – and now I have to ask you the same question, because I can’t decide. But I’ve got a few ideas!

Suniel Shetty and Salman Khan

So I got to making a list and these are the reasons I’ve come up with so far; help me add to them!

Why Suniel Shetty would win:

1. He’s done enough war movies to know a thing or two about fights.

Riteish, Genelia, Salman, Suniel

2. Look at that face. Clearly he’s taken a punch or two before? (There must be some latent anger in there…)

Suniel Shetty

3. Obviously he can’t dance, so he must be able to fight? #BollywoodBasics.

Salman Khan

Why Salman Khan would win:

1. The body. Enough said.

Salman Khan

2. He’s gotten into his fair share of scuffles to know how to hold his own by now!

Salman Khan

3. He’s had enough training for Physics-defying stunts to be able to pull out a move or two!

Wonder what poor Sohail Khan has to think about all this?!

Sohail Khan

Pix: Yogen Shah for MissMalini.

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