If You Can't Find Anything Beautiful About Yourself, Get a Better Mirror.

MissMalini , 22 Feb 2013

My friend Andrea just shared this with me and it made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Kaare Iverson Photography
Kaare Iverson Photography

Shane Koyczan was bullied a lot when he was a kid. So he took that pain and made this stunning video with the help of some amazingly talented people. It’s kind of breathtaking and powerful, just a warning. Also, it has a happy ending :)

At 1:20, he reminds us all what we heard growing up.
At 2:07, we meet another girl who was bruised by words.
At 2:57, we learn why she’s awesome.
At 3:12, we meet a kid who was pummeled by pills.
At 4:28, we learn how many kids have to deal with this to this day.
At 5:23, if you’ve been bullied, you REALLY need to hear these words.
At 6:00, seriously, listen to these damn beautiful words.
And at 6:49, we get to the point that everyone should take to heart.

get a better mirror
get a better mirror

Help confront bullying by sharing this because it needs to be called out in spectacular fashion. Yes It it does thank you Adam Mordecai and thank you Shane Koyczan. xoxo

PS. Learn more about confronting bullying at Bullying.org.

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