Will Salman Khan Get Mental Over Shah Rukh’s Eid Release?

Team MissMalini
Chennai Express

It’s still a long way away – 8th August to be precise – yet all of Bollywood is speculating about Salman Khan’s film, Mental, not releasing in time for Eid, thus paving the way for the release of Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express, which stars Salman’s arch rival, Shah Rukh Khan.

For the past three years, Salman Khan has hogged the box-office with Wanted, Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger. But this year, with Sohail Khan’s Mental still in the early stages of production, it looks like Team Salman won’t make it to the usual Eid deadline.

Ek Tha Tiger

For his part, Shah Rukh Khan usually releases his film during the Diwali holidays. So will this change of schedule make it a change of fortunes as well for SRK? Only time will tell…

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