Much Ado about a Smooch in ‘Bang Bang’

Team MissMalini
Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif

Will they or wont they? That’s the biggest question doing the rounds in Bollywood today! For the past few days, there has been fair wind of a rumour that Bollywood hotties, Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, will share a luscious lip-lock in their next film, Bang Bang. 

But of course, no one is coming forward to admit it as of now.

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif

The film, rumoured to be based on Knight and Day, will begin shooting in Kashmir soon. But for the moment, Katrina’s spokespeople have denied any kissing scenes.

Of course, the last time the two shared an onscreen kiss was in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

Hmmm… such an old ploy to generate interest in the film. Get innovative, guys!

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