Top 5 Bollywood Films to Watch This Women’s Day!

Top 5 Bollywood Films to Watch This Women’s Day!

Rashmi Daryanani
Happy Women's Day
Happy Women’s Day

Bollywood is still, unfortunately, quite the male-dominated industry – but things have been changing as of late with women carrying films on their own shoulders. To celebrate Women’s Day, we’re giving you a pick of five films from recent times that are perfect to watch on this day – some empowering and some feel-good, but all with strong female characters!

1. Chak De! India

Sports is another male-dominated field, but Chak De explores the story of a girls’ hockey team. Each girl has to work through individual problems as well as deal with sexism against the team on a whole. Despite ups and downs, they manage to begin working as a team and win the hockey championship at the end.

2. Aaja Nachle

This one opened to mixed reviews, but I liked the film. Madhuri‘s character single-handedly saves an abandoned dance theatre from turning into a shopping mall, even though along the way she encounters several people (men, mostly) who try to put a stop to this.

3. No One Killed Jessica

Based on a true story, NOKJ follows two strong women who fight the system in order to get justice for Jessica Lal.

4. Kahaani

Vidya Balan plays one smart lady in this film, who, despite having suffered great loss, won’t let anyone come between her and her end goal.

5. English Vinglish

And if one movie had to top the list, this would be it – EV will now forever be one of my main pick-me-up movies. I remember how I felt coming out of that cinema: with an extra spring in my step and that feeling that anything was possible. This feeling has persisted through every rewatch of the film.