Listen Up! Jay Sean Takes You Back To Love.

Amruta Khatavkar
Jay Sean (Photo by PR Photos)
Jay Sean (Photo by PR Photos)

After creating awesome Hindi versions of ‘Ride It’ and ‘Stay’, Jay Sean is back with his new dance floor hit, ‘Back to love’. Listen to him sing this new track with DJ Pauly D, where the second verse and chorus have been translated into Hindi lyrics.

Jay Sean said, “This ‘Candlelight’ version is much like what I did for ‘Down’ back in 2009. I like taking my up-tempos and turning them into beautiful organic ballads. A great song truly reveals itself when sung just over a piano or guitar. The Hindi idea was something I wanted to give my fans. I know our roots are important to who we are and what we do. I always remember where I came from, so this is for those of you that remember those beginnings…I certainly do!”

Team MissMalini loves your new track and we think you should definitely sing more hindi songs! Good luck for the release of your new album, NEON, on May 21st.