Tigre Blanc Style Spotting At LFW Day 3

Tigre Blanc Style Spotting At LFW Day 3

Marv D'Souza
Ex.pression.ist n by Javed Khan
Ex.pression.ist n by Javed Khan

Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week had a real street edge with Javed Khan‘s denim heavy collection as the first show, and Arjun Khanna‘s rugged biker line as the last. The style story off the runway, was a little less boisterous. We spotted lots fun prints, creative layering attempts, and some cool accessories. Here are 10 cool looks we loved off the runway on day 3!

Sohini Das - Fashion stylist and consultant
Sohiny Das, fashion stylist & consultant

Respected and loved for her take on  fashion, Sohiny Das is a fashion stylist and consultant with a strong cult following. She has an eye for detail, and a strong aesthetic compass – style watchers hold Sohiny in high regard.

Aki NArula, LFW's Officialstylist and one of Indian fashion's most trusted names
Aki NArula, LFW official stylist

Aki Narula could easily be the best style inspiration at Lakme Fashion Week. He sometimes repeats a piece of his wardrobe, but never the whole look. Constantly experimenting with layering, use of prints, and textures, he continues to a be prominent icon on the street style radar.

Gautaum Kalra, LFW Official stylist and a Mad genius behind some of the country best campaigns, runway shows and editorials.
Gautam Kalra, LFW official stylist

You may call him a perfectionist, a workaholic and one of the busiest man in the Indian fashion industry, but the most important thing about him is his love for fashion and art. Gautam Kalra loves his colours and crazy graphics – a guaranteed feel-good factor throughout the day.

Prasad Ramamurthy, features editor at Conde Nast Traveller, India.
Prasad Ramamurthy, features editor at Conde Nast Traveller, India.

There are boys with style ,and then there are men with an aesthetic sense. Prasad Ramamurthy from Conde Nast Traveller, India, is the latter, and one of the warmest people you will bump into at LFW. His ‘balis‘ are constant in his look, and his sense of dressing is reflective of his calm yet quirky personality. It is an odd mix for some, but not for him.

Sailex - Fashion Designer
Sailex – fashion designer

We love Sailex! As a designer he knows the body of the woman, and dresses it to perfection. As a guy, he’s never boring, and opts for some really cool looks. We spotted him yesterday, moments before his show, in a fun graphic heavy tee.

Mariia - Fashion Model
Mariia – fashion model

Fashion model from Ukraine, and a favourite among key people in Indian fashion, Mariia took a moment to pose for us in a black leather skirt, and sleek hair in a pony – HOT!

Kavita, fashion model
Kavita, fashion model

Kavita Kharayat is one of the country’s most experience models, and as you would expect, she has a stocked wardrobe! We spotted her in a cool pair of fringed shorts, and gave a big high-five for a street-cool look.

Surelee Joseph, fashion model
Surelee Joseph, fashion model

Seated in a minimal look was model, Surelee Joseph. She is lover of neck pieces and earrings, and while you may see her rocking some tribal pieces on some days, yesterday we saw her sporting an futurist clean metal neck piece. If you want tips on fuss free style, Surelee is your gal.

Sonia Rijhwani, Assistant to Aki NArula at Lakme Fashion Week
Sonia Rijhwani, assistant to Aki Narula at LFW

Sonia Rijhwani is working with Aki Narula at LFW for the sixth consecutive season, and she is quite the charmer. She showed us her cool self-made neck piece. “I used some chains and a pakkad (metal pliers)”, she candidly told us. We also loved her ear piece :)

Rhea,fashion buyer for Kimaya, Kenya
Ria Ana Sejpal, head buyer for Kemaya Africa

We absolutely adorable tribal jewelry, and Ria accented her sexy androgynous look with some new-age pieces. Pretty cool huh?! Pix: Marv D’souza for MissMalini