Dr. Rashmi Shetty
Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Now that you have secured your own skin (like the oxygen mask on an air plane) It is time to take care of your little ones!

1. All the hormones and endorphins are best released during the first half of the night, that helps them grow, heal and keep healthy. So if she has to burn the midnight lamp, she better burn it in the early hours of the night! They could go to bed by 10pm and wake up at 4 or 5am to study. Does good for mind, body and beauty.

2. If you see she/he is breaking out, please take them to the doctor right then – taking care of acne is easier than getting rid of scars. With all the great new gadgets it is still impossible to get back the flawless skin. Buy her a soft ball to meddle with, so it diverts her hand from her skin.

3. Grand mamma’s best tip – Coconut oil! Make sure you oil your child’s hair at night before she has had a shower and also a relaxing massage body and head will be very good for hydrating skin and hair.

4. If yours is the lip-picking type. Try ghee or coconut oil on the lip. And make sure they don’t keep smacking. This causes further dryness and darkness along the border of lips.