#IPLHot: Here's a Recap of the IPL 6 Opening Ceremony!

Rashmi Daryanani , 03 Apr 2013
IPL (photo courtesy | indianexpress.com)
IPL (photo courtesy | indianexpress.com)

It’s that time of the year again, folks: the IPL is back, and although it feels like I’ve already had my fill of Jumping Jhapaks to last a lifetime, the season only just kicked off yesterday with a glitzy opening ceremony in Kolkata. It’s been a much-publicized ceremony, but incase you missed it last night, we’ve got some highlights from the event yesterday!

1. The trophy was put back into play by Gautam Gambhir, who true to his name, didn’t seem to crack a smile for the entire ceremony. The trophy made an interesting appearance, actually – it was carried by a girl who was floating through the air while being attached to a mass of balloons. The girl dropped the trophy into Gambhir’s arms, he placed it upon a platform and then left to join the other IPL team captains.

2. Deepika Padukone performed to Angrezi Beat and Tumhi Ho Bandhu, which was disappointingly just a repeat of her Zee Cine Awards performance from earlier this year. I really liked her ZCA performance but something seemed lacking this time around; perhaps it was the energy – she was visibly breathless by the end of Bandhu!

3. For some reason, Katrina Kaif made her entrance on this huge chariot wearing a crown and a strange gown. Needless to say, the gown really restricted her movements, but she ditched that soon after for a choli and red harem pants. Her performance improved considerably after that, and she grooved to Sheila Ki Jawaani (which never gets old, I don’t care what you say), Chikni Chameli and a little bit of Zara Zara Touch Me. 

4. Whatever you say, gotta hand it to Shah Rukh Khan for his energy. He danced to several songs – including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, yay! KKHH SRK was the best! – but he seemed to keep going. He was definitely completely out-of-breath by the end of it, but he totally outlasted DPad. I really do have one question though – why is it that every Shah Rukh performance ever features girls kissing him on the cheek? And more importantly, why are those girls never me?

5. Bappida and Usha Uthup also put in an appearance to sing the usuals: Hari Om Hari and Koi Yahan Nache Nache. Bappi was of course dressed in usual Bappi fashion, complete with sunglasses and bling. Enough bling, infact, that my grandfather commented, “Ek din isko kidnap kardenge!” And for her part, Usha Uthup was also holding her own in the bling-department.

6. Pitbull (or Mr Pitbull, as SRK prefers calling him) took to the stage and all the aunties and uncles at Salt Lake Stadium got onto their feet and started dancing. I don’t think they knew exactly what they were grooving to (I can’t imagine that pot-bellied uncle listens to Give Me Everything Tonight in his free time), but they seemed to enjoy it all the same.

7. Gauri Khan was in the audience, occasionally smiling and clapping, but for the most part retaining a passive expression. Tongues are still wagging that things are not so good between her and SRK, but she made sure to put in an appearance with daughter Suhana, who seems to be pretty into the IPL.

Did you catch the ceremony? What were your thoughts?

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