A Photography Exhibition You Don't Want to Miss!

Karen Alfonso , 17 Apr 2013
Minarets photo courtesy | © Maïmouna Guerresi /Tasveer

Now here’s a photography you don’t want to miss. Italian luxury brand Tod’s has brought down the works of Italian artist/photographer Maïmouna Guerresi in association with photography gallery Tasveer.

Circle of Hands - 2011 photo courtesy | © Maïmouna Guerresi /Tasveer
Circle of Hands – 2011 photo courtesy | © Maïmouna Guerresi /Tasveer

The exhibition is being held at the Piramal Gallery at NCPA, Mumbai and will run till the 24th of this month. At the opening, that occurred last night the iconic D-Bag”s latest avataar the DD Bag was also unveiled.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this captivating showing. Gueressi has photographed various Indian subjects with the chador or veil – each picture will make you stand in front of it for more that 5 minutes. Pretty powerful right?


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