Exclusive: Shahid Kapoor's Dog, Kaizer, Passes Away.

Rashmi Daryanani
Shahid Kapoor and Kaizer

Sad news – it seems like Shahid Kapoor‘s dog, Kaizer, who has been unwell for some time, passed away yesterday. We hear Shahid is now leaving Wai, where he is shooting for Rambo Rajkumar, to return to the city for the funeral.

Shahid Kapoor with his dog Kaizer on the cover of The Film Street Journal – July 2012 (photo courtesy | andanh.com)

Shahid had been spotted a few weeks ago at a suburban veterinary clinic, where Kaizer was being treated for low blood count. At that time, the actor had put everything on the back burner to care for his dog, but unfortunately he has now passed away. We know that Shahid was incredibly fond of Kaizer, so this is really sad news indeed. Here’s sending him lots of love and good thoughts in what must definitely be a trying time.

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