Beauty School: How To Look Like Veronica from The Archies!

Amruta Khatavkar , 26 Apr 2013
M.A.C. Archie's Girls Make-up Session
M.A.C. Archie’s Girls Make-up Session

Last week I met with Sonic Sarwate, Senior Makeup Artist for M.A.C. India, for a personalised session to try on the M.A.C Archie’s Girls Limited Edition make-up. I was totally confused whether I should try on the Veronica collection or the Betty one. Sonic suggested I do a mix of the two since my personality was more like Veronica but part of me is also very much down-to-earth!

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to read Archie’s Comics (since they were really popular in 1960s) and have only heard of Betty and Veronica as these two fashionable girls from comic books, here is a little something about the girls.

Betty and Veronica
Betty and Veronica

Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge are the two high school characters on which the limited edition make-up line by M.A.C is based. I really like that the make-up line portrays the characteristics of these girls perfectly – Veronica is the rich, spoiled brat while Betty is the down-to-earth, girl-next-door, miss goody-two-shoes. Ironically they are BFFs in the series but they both seem to be in love with the same guy, Archie Andrews, and are constantly fighting over him!

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Collection - Betty
M.A.C. Archie’s Girls Collection – Betty
M.A.C. Archie's Girls Collection - Veronica
M.A.C. Archie’s Girls Collection – Veronica

The colors used in Betty’s line consist of lighter shades of peaches and pinks, while the line inspired by Veronica consists of deep purples, pinks and even grays.

Face Powder
Face Powder

Always use a face powder/concealer to even up the skin. I used the Cream Soda Archie’s Girls Powder Blush.


Use a metallic eyeliner pencil above and under your lash line. I used the Archie’s Girls Pearl glide Intense Eyeliner in Petrol Blue shade.


Confession: I am obsessed with eye make-up.

Use a highly concentrated metallic pigment like Archie’s Girls Lucky in Love for enhancing your eyes further. Sonic recommends M.A.C. Eye Shader brush number 239.

Archie's Girls Pigment Lucky in Love
Archie’s Girls Pigment Lucky in Love

Tip- If you want to make the metallic shading really bright and heavy mix a little water with the powder and apply normally.

Team MissMalini Tweet
Team MissMalini Tweet

I have recently discovered a passion for wearing mascara and I think this might just become my next obsession!


Archie’s Girls Lipglass Summer Sweetheart
Archie’s Girls Lipglass Summer Sweetheart

Since my make-up was so bright on the eyes, Sonic applied very light lip gloss. He used Archie’s Girls Lipglass Summer Sweetheart from the Betty collection.

Here are some Summer Tips from Sonic just for you:

1. Use metallic colours for the eyes – apple, mint, aqua, turquoise.

2. Use bright colours for your lips – Archie’s Girls Lipstick Daddy’s Little Girl or Ronnie Red.

3. Be sure you focus on one feature – eyes or lips. Don’t over-do the make-up.

4. Keep your cheeks simple, not too bright – Archie’s Girls Pearl matte Face Powder FlatterMe.

5. Trends are to give guidelines and can be mixed and matched for different looks. Always choose elements that work best for your look and incorporate them in your makeup.

So the next day when I decided to go out with my friends I thought I’d surprise them with my new found love for red lipstick. And voila!

M.A.C. Archie's Girls Ronnie Red (Veronica)
M.A.C. Archie’s Girls Ronnie Red (Veronica)

Photos Courtesy: Khyati Gandhi for

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