Ranveer Singh vs Adam Gilchrist: Whose Look Do You Like Better?

Zina Tasreen
Photo Credit : Ranveer Singh and Adam Gilchrist

Both these hombres were at the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset launch, dressed somewhat diametrically: one was in a suit, while the other in jeans. Between the two, who wins in the style stakes?

Photo Credit : Ranveer Singh

Whilst I appreciated that Ranveer Singh didn’t turn up in a singlet, I’m finding the fit of the suit (both the jacket’s sleeves and the trousers are too long!) and the fully buttoned-up jacket, too off-putting. Guys, you’re supposed to only do the top button of your suit jacket, not all of them.

Photo Credit : Ranveer Singh and Adam Gilchrist

So, by default, I’ll have to go for Adam Gilchrist. In all fairness, he looked effortlessly elegant.

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Photos: Yogen Shah for MissMalini.com

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