Ranveer Singh vs Adam Gilchrist: Whose Look Do You Like Better?

Zina Tasreen
Ranveer Singh and Adam Gilchrist

Both these hombres were at the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset launch, dressed somewhat diametrically: one was in a suit, while the other in jeans. Between the two, who wins in the style stakes?

Ranveer Singh

Whilst I appreciated that Ranveer Singh didn’t turn up in a singlet, I’m finding the fit of the suit (both the jacket’s sleeves and the trousers are too long!) and the fully buttoned-up jacket, too off-putting. Guys, you’re supposed to only do the top button of your suit jacket, not all of them.

Ranveer Singh and Adam Gilchrist

So, by default, I’ll have to go for Adam Gilchrist. In all fairness, he looked effortlessly elegant.

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Photos: Yogen Shah for MissMalini.com

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