Exclusive: 10 Minutes with Varun Dhawan & Parineeti Chopra at the Launch of WeChat India!

Rashmi Daryanani , 15 May 2013
Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra
Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra

Internationally popular messaging application WeChat has now launched in India, with Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra as the faces of the brand. The team celebrated their India launch at a recent event with the two brand ambassadors, and we got to have a quick chat with them about what they like about the app, how much fun they had shooting with each other, and – of course – when they plan on doing a film together! I gotta say, these guys are super cute and you can tell that they’ve really had a lot of fun getting to know each other – just check out their interaction, and you’ll know what we mean! (And by the way – someone needs to cast them in a movie together, stat!)

Team MissMalini (Team MM): Why do you pick WeChat over any other messaging application?

Varun Dhawan (VD): Because I think technologically it’s the most advanced one at the moment. It has all the features that one needs. It has voice messenger, motion emoticons – they dance, move according to your emotions. All put together, I think it’s the one for the future.

Parineeti Chopra (PC): The coolest app right now!

Team MM: Who was the last person you chatted with?

PC: [points at Varun] Him.

VD: [points at Parineeti] Yeah.

Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra
Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra

Team MM: Who is your 2am chat buddy?

PC: [looking at Varun] We’ve chatted at 2am!

VD: We have chatted at 2am. We’ve chatted only post 12, after coming home from shooting or something.

PC: Ya, and then I have to tell him, “Now let me sleep, get off.”

VD: No, she says, “Chal, bye!”

PC: Chal bye. [laughs]

Team MM: What is your favourite emoticon?

PC: There’s one dancing one, no? [dances]

VD: There’s one with the head going like this. [jerks head]

PC: [laughs] Ya, with lots of arrogance. They’re hilarious, I’m telling you, you have to try these emoticons. They’re hilarious.

VD: Malini, you better try them.

PC: Malini!

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

Team MM: If you had to send a WeChat message to your MissMalini fans, what would it be?

VD: I think it would be the one with the heart, because thank you for all the good stuff you’ve said. And even the bad stuff, because that’s all constructive as well. But ya, just thank you for all the love and support.

PC: Ya, same.

VD: [looks at her and laughs]

Parineeti Chopra
Parineeti Chopra

Team MM: What was it like working with each other on the ads?

VD: It was really easy, honestly I didn’t feel like I was working with her for the first time. There was no breaking of ice or anything like that.

PC: It was very easy to work with him. His approach towards acting and my approach was very similar. He’s ready to rehearse with me, ready to talk about things we want to do, he’s open to improvisations… he’ll just react to me in a take. So there was no awkwardness; it was very comfortable.

VD: And she’s really helpful. Honestly, contrary to popular belief –

PC: Aye, shut up.

VD: [puts arm around Parineeti] Arey, look at this anger. But she’s very, very helpful, honestly. Like even if you’re giving your shot she’ll encourage you, she’ll tell you – remember that sun thing?

PC: Ah, the sun thing, ya. Tell them, tell them.

VD: There was so much of sunlight coming into my eyes, so she taught me this trick where you look towards the sun and you shut your eyes, and then you just open them. So you don’t feel –

PC: So you don’t blink.

VD: And I thought she was just pulling my legs, but I swear it actually works.

Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan

Team MM: When will you be doing a film together?

PC: Soon, I hope! I’m dying to do a film with him.

VD: We’ve been offered a lot of films together, but nothing has materialised. We were discussing, actually, while shooting this ad that we should do something really…

PC: Reeeally energetic.

VD: Some phadu subject.

PC: He’s one of the few people I think, apart from Ranveer, who shares that energy in our personal lives, so I think if we do a film together it’ll be really good.

VD: Let’s see, hopefully. Tell MissMalini to produce it. [grins]

PC: Tell MissMalini to write a script!

Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra
Varun Dhawan and Parineeti Chopra

As you can see, they’re a fun duo – we’ve got so many great candid shots of the two of them having a ball, so keep an eye out, because we’ll be sharing those with you soon!

Pix: Khyati Gandhi for MissMalini

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