Asin Feels Liberated in Delhi

MissMalini , 21 May 2013


I hear the South Indian hottie Asin is a bigger fan of Delhi than Bombay! She lives in B-town now obviously, but loves to travel to Delhi in her free time. Um, I’m guessing she hasn’t been following the news this past year then?Asin says, “Even though I love Delhi, but I come here only for work commitments. Having said that, I would love to come here more often. I love the space and greenery here. It gives a huge sense of liberation when you land here from Mumbai. Also the food here is great. I have a lot of friends here who keep telling me about Delhi. I would surely like to explore it more.”

Liberated? In Delhi?! Really? Who knew.

Don’t get me wrong, I lived in Delhi for 6 years (like 2 decades ago) and I feel you on the greenery girl, BUT I don’t quite feel the same sense of liberty I used to sadly…

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