Not Jiah Khan's First Suicide Attempt

MissMalini , 05 Jun 2013
Jiah Khan
Jiah Khan

More details have emerged in the Jiah Khan suicide case, and they tell an even sadder story. Apparently Jiah had tried to kill herself 8 months ago by slitting her wrists while she was upset and drunk. On the night of her suicide she spoke to her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi who rushed to her home when he heard the news. Between 9 and 11pm they had argued over texts and phonecalls.

According to The Daily Bhaskar they exchanged these messages:

Jiah: “U R getting too cold. U R getting too close to Neelu.”  
Suraj: “There has been a misunderstanding. Let’s sort it out.” 

On the night she died she was also inebriated with high levels of alcohol and some traces of anti-depressants discovered in her stomach.

Her mother is on Twitter and posted this on May 21st.

And this in March with her daughters.

Earlier in March Nafisha (Jiah) Khan had Retweeted this.

She will be buried later today :(

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