Exclusive: Ileana D’cruz Shares Health, Diet and Fitness Tips

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Ileana D'cruz
Ileana D’cruz

She won many hearts in Barfi and will be seen next in Phata Poster Nikla Hero opposite Shahid Kapoor.

Team MissMalini caught up with actress Ileana D’cruz at a recent event in Mumbai where she discussed health, diet and fitness tips.

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Ileana D'cruz
Ileana D’cruz

Please share some hair-care tips with our readers.

A lot of people say that oiling your hair is good, and it is. You should oil your hair as much as you can. Maintaining a really good diet is also important and many people don’t realize that and of course, not stressing. I’ve seen the result that stress can do to your hair and trust me, it’s horrible.

What kind of diet do you follow?

As of now, I’m on a high protein diet because I’ve been trying my best to tone up as much as possible. So I’ve been having lots of fish, lots of vegetables, loads of salads and fruits. And it has made a huge difference to my hair as well. It has been enhancing it even more.

Ileana D'cruz
Ileana D’cruz

What is your fitness routine?

I do a lot of pilates. It’s something that really works for me. Unfortunately, I cannot run since I have a really bad knee so I try and walk as much as possible, which is extremely good. People underestimate how good walking is. I walk for about forty minutes every night at Joggers Park. I do around ten rounds It feels fabulous.

What is your style mantra?

I’m extremely simplistic when it comes to styling. I don’t like going overboard. I like to keep it simple and clean cut. I don’t think I carry off the complicated couture pieces. But I like keeping it sophisticated and classy and black is one of my favourite colours.

Ileana D'cruz
Ileana D’cruz

Which designer labels do you prefer to sport?   

Dolce & Gabbana is one brand that fits me really well. It’s so made for my body type. It’s one brand that I really like.

What films are you working on currently?

I’m right now working on Phata Poster Nikla Hero with Shahid Kapoor, which is almost near completion now. It will be releasing soon and it’s come out really well. It’s completely different from Barfi. You will be seeing a very feisty, bubbly me as opposed to the quiet me in Barfi.

I do have a couple of other projects but I unfortunately can’t talk about them right now…but maybe soon…!

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