Jiah Khan Left a Note

MissMalini , 08 Jun 2013
Jiah Khan
Jiah Khan

The DNA just posted this update on their website. Apparently Nafisa (Jiah) Khan‘s family have discovered a six-page note written by her some time ago and broken their silence. They say she often wrote poetry so they felt like she would have expressed her turmoil in writing too. The note apparently mentions a medical procedure and emotional turmoil and ominously begins with, “by the time you will be reading this letter, probably by then I won’t be there in this world.” Oh no :(

Official sources say, “We need to consult handwriting experts to form a conclusive opinion.” The police are being cautious not to brand it a suicide note till they know for certain it was written by her.

Yesterday The Daily Bhaskar mentioned that Jiah was saddened by the tragic death of Whitney Houston in February last year and had written this poem then.

Jiah’s poem (corrected version)

“What is this fame, it is the devil’s game
You run to succeed and then you let the vultures feed
Along that lonely road you loose yourself
Yet like mountains you build up your wealth
Your talent is a gift to all but for you it’s a curse and your downfall
All you want to do is live, laugh and love
But you sold your soul and are refused refuge from above
Along that lonely path you walk
With bitter-sweet memories and promises that were all talk
When it finally all ends
When you’re left with no friends
When your pain comes back
Scratching like nails on your back
You realise you were wrong from the beginning
You will always lose in this game, there is no winning

Eerily enough, she even recited this poem for the channel Zoom on camera some time ago.

Meanwhile the Hindustan Times reports that Aditya Pancholi has voiced his hurt at Shobhaa De‘s column saying “What’s Shobhaa De’s problem with me and my son? What does she mean by saying, ‘Like father, like son?’ Let the truth come out. If Suraj has done some wrong, let it come out. But don’t condemn him in your column for something he hasn’t done. Everyone has children.”

Aditya also revealed, “There must be other factors. Jiah bottled up all her emotions. Suraj tells me she never raised her voice. He says the maximum she ever raised her voice to say was, ‘Suraj, this is not done’.”

Obviously this led me to read Shobhaa’s column and this is an excerpt of what I found:

“My mind keeps going back to Parveen Babi. It’s a scarily similar tragedy with an almost identical story line and cast of characters. Jiah’s boyfriend Suraj Pancholi, is being questioned by the cops ( It’s tempting to add – like father, like son, in this case). Jiah’s depression and mood swings have been referred to by Mahesh Bhatt as possible reasons for her suicide. He should know! Ironical, but those were the exact explanations given for Babi’s death. Mahesh had shared a close relationship with Parveen. Then again, Jiah’s mother has mentioned her daughter’s recent decision to opt out of  Bollywood and become an interior decorator. Parveen Babi had done precisely that! Uncanny. Showbiz is a voraciously hungry monster that devours the unwary. It extracts an enormous price, Jiah aka Nafisa has just paid it.”

Read Madame De’s hard-hitting full column on how the fame monster extracts more than its pound of flesh here. Scary stuff.

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