An App to Help Plan Your Social Life

Team MissMalini , 11 Jun 2013

Are you a social butterfly and social media junkie at the same time? Have trouble constantly wondering where the coolest happenings are happening in the city? Well, the good folks over at Nh7 took pity on us and created an app that will combat all these dilemmas!

Gateway of India (photo courtesy | Khyati Gandhi for MissMalini)
Mumbai’s social scene has an app! (photo courtesy | Khyati Gandhi for MissMalini)

We downloaded the app and decided to test give it a test run.

What we liked was the calendar feature that helped us chart out our social lives to precision. We also found out about a secret sale that was taking place nearby. Seriously, we’ve fallen in love with it already.

Movie buff? Now you don’t have to painfully wait for the browser on your phone to load, the app lists movie timings and pulls information based on your location. The same applies to art happenings and plays. A reminder alert will ensure that you never miss out on anything.You can also check-in to various spots and avail of discounts and freebies.

The app is currently only for Mumbai users, but there are works for it to to expand to other cities.

For now; we’re glad we have got something that makes our social lives a whole lot simpler.

The app is available for free download at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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