Bombay's Artsy New Building

MissMalini , 13 Jun 2013

Sanjay Puri, one of India’s leading architects is set to launch yet another mind blasting structure to the Bombay Arts Society building in Bandra. Check it out! Cool eh? Kinda made me think of the architecture in Horton Hears a Who for some reason which made me love it more, very animated & futuristic! #FTW :)

This building is an inspiration from Cubist sculptures and resembles European expressionist architecture. It will house three galleries, a small auditorium for lectures and talks, a café and an office.

The fluidity of form seen externally, with a concrete skin, is carried through to the interior volumes making the entire experience like moving through a sculpture. To create an illusion of the space, Sanjay puri used a wire mesh for the structure of the building so there are no straight beams that run directly from the top to the bottom of the building. The idea was to allow flow of movement inside, which is why the building has no corners!

Location: Bombay Art Society, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W).

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