Join The Planets Dance Academy

MissMalini , 20 Jun 2013

This is exciting! Remember I told you I used to be a professional dancer back in the day? Well my choreographer just sent me this and if you have happy feet and live in Delhi, I suggest you give it a whirl!

Kiran Sawhney teaches Argentine Tango in New Delhi. She also manufactures and sells Tango dresses and shoes and is a fitness trainer. Ronica Jacob (that’s my Choreographer!) has her forte in Contemporary, Hip Hop and Bollywood.

Now both of them have teamed up to open a state of the art dance studio and are currently teaching Tango (by Kiran Bajaj Sawhney), Contemporary, Hip Hop, Bollywood and freestyle (by Ronica Jacob.) Do it, it’s SO much fun :)

PS. I’ll see if I can dig up some old dancing photos from way back when for ya! xoxo

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