5 Bollywood Sequels We'd Love to See

Rashmi Daryanani , 21 Jun 2013
Mr India
Mr India

Sequels are all the rage in Bollywood these days, with makers trying to cash in on the popularity of an original film by churning out seconds – thirds, even – to keep the audience pouring in. We’ve definitely seen no shortage of such films as of late, but since the trend is alive and kicking, here are 5 films we definitely want to see more of.

1. Mr India

Superheroes have come and gone in Bollywood, but Mr India remains arguably the best of them all. The good news is that plans are being made for a sequel of the 1987 superhit, but it’s slowgoing as of now as everyone involved is focusing on other things. This is definitely one we’re waiting with bated breaths for, especially since Anil Kapoor and Sridevi are said to reprise their original roles. 

2. Andaz Apna Apna

Can you imagine the box office frenzy it would create if two big Khans – Aamir and Salman – starred in a film together in this day and age? Especially if the film in question is an extension of one of the most-loved comedies in Bollywood, Andaz Apna Apna. It’d be great to see how these two carry off their roles now, and they seem to have shown interest in a sequel of the project – except we also hear that Shakti Kapoor may not make a reappearance as Crime Master Gogo.

3. Aankhen

There were two endings for this movie – one, for Indian audiences, where Amitabh Bachchan‘s character was locked up and the two remaining blind robbers escape via train with the jewels. The one I saw, though – an alternate ending for overseas viewers – featured an ending sequence where Bachchan escapes from the cops and is standing at the train platform while saying, “A dangerous game is about to begin.” This is definitely the ending I prefer, and is also the perfect set-up for a sequel, except that we have yet to see one.

4. Ghajini

This film was a massive hit when it first released, so I don’t see why the makers would be averse to making a sequel if they have a good script in hand. The sequel of this film could go either way – it could continue the story of Sanjay Singhani (Aamir’s character) as left off in the previous film, or it could feature the same character in an all-new story. Which would you prefer?

5. Udaan

Very rarely do you watch a film where the end feels like it’s a new beginning altogether. Udaan was definitely one of those films, featuring an ending where two oppressed boys leave their father’s house to start a new life on their own. We’d love to see a film that chronicles Rohan and Arjun’s adventures as they set off on their new journey.

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