Spotted: Shahid Kapoor in Superdry

Zina Tasreen , 04 Jul 2013
Shahid Kapoor in Superdry green 'Trainer Entry' T-shirt en route to Macau for IIFA 2013 (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah/ Superdry)
Shahid Kapoor in Superdry ‘Trainer Entry’ T-shirt

Ah, looks like this cult British label, favoured by the likes of David Beckham and Zac Efron is really catching on with the Bollywood hombres. The latest to sport a Superdry tee was Shahid Kapoor, while on his way to Macau for IIFA 2013. Btw, this look of Shahid would’ve gotten a 10 on 10 from me had he ditched those shades. #onlytoolwearshadesinthedark

Ayushmann Khurrana in Superdry Lousinana blue 'Angels' T-shirt at The Bartender's 'B Seventy' album launch (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah/Superdry)
Ayushmann Khurrana in Superdry ‘Angels’ T-shirt

And it’s safe to say that Ayushamann Khurrana loves his Superdry tee − he was seen in that Lousinana blue ‘Angels’ number many a times!

John Abraham in Superdry fluro blue 'Vintage Entry' T-shirt at the 3rd Cartier Travel with Style Concours (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah/Superdry)
John Abraham in Superdry fluro blue ‘Vintage Entry’ T-shirt

Like? Unfortunately the ones seen on Shahid and John Abraham are no longer available, but you can find Ayushmann’s one at the Superdry store in High Street Phoenix… :-)

Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah and Superdry

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