Hot Damme! Look Who's Dabbling in Bollywood

MissMalini , 05 Jul 2013
Jean-Claude Van Damme in Mumbai
Jean-Claude Van Damme in Mumbai

Ok so I must admit I don’t know enough about the hotness that is Jean-Claude Van Damme but this is probably the first time ever that I have seen Mike Melli seriously star struck. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Van Damme IS the original street fighter (being a Belgian marital artist and all.) Not many of you may know this by Team MissMalini‘s very own Mike Melli is also a Karate Kid. Hence Business manager/Bodyguard status and the JCVD respect :)

Anyway, I believe Mr. Van Damme was a special guest at IIFA 2013 today Academy today to announce that he will rope in Bollywood actors for his directorial venture Luxury Injustice.

The press pictures I got mentioned he had “his childhood friend Michel Qissi” in tow in the captions… However any true blue JCVD fan would know Michel Qissi is the name of a Moroccan-American actor who always plays this crazy jacked villain that Jean Claude always fights in his movies…


…and definitely NOT this girl! LOL.

But point being, if anybody knows who Mr. Van Damme’s PR is please give me a hollar. Mr. Melli would very much like a word :)

PS. Can I be all super-girly now and admit my lasting memory of JCVD is from this episode of Friends?! :) xoxo

Pictures Yogen Shah for MissMalini

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