Fined! Shahid Kapoor at IIFA Rocks.

Zina Tasreen , 07 Jul 2013
Shahid Kapoor at the 2013 IIFA Rocks event (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah)
Shahid Kapoor (Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah)

After the smashing airport look, I thought Shahid Kapoor would be wow-ing us the whole IIFA weekend with some age-appropriate spiffy looks. Someone must’ve drugged him or something on the flight, ‘cos as soon as he landed in Macau he’s become this sloppy dresser :-S

Shahid Kapoor at the IIFA 2013 press meet
Shahid Kapoor

Although he stuck out like a sore thumb at the IIFA press meet with his indifferent get-up (fellow actors Ayushmann Khurrana, Abhishek Bachchan and Arjun Kapoor all made the effort and looked pretty smart), it’s his outfit at the IIFA Rocks event that really took the cake. What a hideous shirt. And couldn’t he find a belt that fit the loops on his trousers?

Shahid Kapoor at the 2013 IIFA Rocks event (Photo courtesy | IIFA)
Shahid Kapoor (Photo courtesy | IIFA)

P.S. Soz, Rashmi!!

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