How to Make a Tasty Fruity Muesli

Nidhi Mehta , 15 Jul 2013

Muesli or Birchermüesli (pronounced Bir-kher-Mew-slee), is one of my favourite breakfast items, and on days that I’m lazy, it can also be my lunch. I love it that much. It is a rustic, wholesome and very simple dish that can be look and taste fancy with the right add-ons.

It is basically just oats soaked overnight in curd. Doesn’t sound too appetising just yet – and trust me, it doesn’t look much either. But add in some fresh & colourful fruits, a bunch of assorted nuts, some dried fruits like dried apricots and cranberries or raisins – and you get such a beautiful looking breakfast.

Muesli Ingredients
Muesli Ingredients

It is a perfect thing on a hot summer day – waking up the tummy with a chilled bowl of juicy and crunchy muesli. Of course, this comes after the caffeine kick – without which I can’t even bring myself to chop any fruit.


1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup yoghurt
Some chopped nuts – almonds, walnuts, cashews etc. with a handful of raisins, dried apricots or any other dried fruit
1 cup fresh fruit

Muesli Ingredients
Muesli Ingredients


The reason I make it so often is because there is hardly any effort involved. Just soak up some rolled oats in a good amount of yoghurt and some orange juice, and leave them in the fridge overnight (in a pinch a few hours will do). The next morning, add in all the fruits and nuts.

Sometimes, when I can’t be bothered to do even that – I just spoon in my favourite fruit spread. I don’t like those overly sugary jams, but there is one by St.Dalfour, which is nothing but fruit – no added sugar. My favourite one is wild blueberries.

To serve

Soak the oats in juice and yoghurt and refrigerate it overnight. Before serving, add in the fresh and dried fruit, nuts, fruit spread of your choice.

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