Exclusive: Iulia Vantur Panics as Salman Khan Goes to Court

Iulia Vantur

A source from Salman Khan‘s entourage reveals that his new media-dubbed Romanian TV actress “girlfriend” Iulia Vantur was VERY worried about him all day today and hence extremely restless.

Obviously new to the Indian paparazzi, she’s just about getting used to seeing her (and her ex boyfriend’s) names splashed across tabloids and various questions about her past, present and future being brought up all at once!

Salman Khan

When the news broke that Salman would have to go to court today, she initially panicked and thought he was being arrested for something! (Boy, some girlfriend you are *LOL*) But later, once she was adequately “briefed” and told not to worry she said a little prayer for him. Apparently she was also one of the first few to send him a text once word of his departure from court got out. *Awww*

Iulia Vantur (photo courtesy | santabanta.com)

But hang on, who are these people telling her not to worry btw? “Yes Iulia darling, don’t you worry, max he’ll get 10 years, but you can hang out with Manyata Dutt and wear matching my-celebrity-boo-went-to-jail-and-all-I-got-was-this-lousy-Being-Human t-shirts for at least 6 of those!” (What? Ok sorry, too soon?)

PS. I wonder how long before she makes her Bollywood debut… MEOW MUCH? (+ 20 points to anyone who got THAT joke.)

And just because I’ve made the typo like FIVE times, I have to ask, am I the only one who keeps mistaking the I her name starts with for an L – making it Lulia Vantur? *doh!*

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