How I Met Your Mother, Ted’s Kids Are Pissed!

How I Met Your Mother, Ted’s Kids Are Pissed!


I’m sure by now you know how much I love the show How I Met Your Mother (although I admit to having lost interest sometime last year after one to many yellow umbrella sightings and no sign of mom.) However I recently discovered who she is and lets just say, not impressed!

BUT check this out. My buddy Akash sent me this hilarious comic-con trailer that reveals the plight of Ted’s kids who have been sitting on the sofa listening to this story for EIGHT YEARS! Thank you Mashable, up high.

So the answer to the ultimate question will (hopefully) be revealed on the last season of the show, which premieres Sept. 23rd on CBS. Or if you’re over and want to know NOW so you can move on with your life here’s what’s up (scroll down to Spoiler Alert!) Although I have to say all the YouTube HIMYM reveals have got me thinking this is all a big scam and it’s actually Robin Scherbatsky after all! Just saying.

BUT, if you don’t want me to ruin it for you, why don’t you end your visit to this post with Ted’s awesome two-minute date!