MissMalini Recommends: Monsoon Spa Day

MissMalini , 26 Jul 2013
Mudraa Spa
Mudraa Spa

This month I’ve somehow managed to pull off two Spa Mondays and it’s seriously changing my life (not to mention my mood!) So I must highly recommend you try this at least once. Just take a Monday off and head to the spa!

Where are we going? Without a doubt Mudraa Spa off Marine Drive. I’ve now been there twice, the service is impeccable and the treatments truly delicious.

Getting there is simple, find your way to Marine Plaza and take the first left after the hotel, Mudraa Spa will be the second building on your left. The moment you walk in your senses will be overcome with that yummy spa scent that we all try desperately to recreate at home (but sadly rarely succeed in doing).

Shalini & Neera
Shalini & Neera

As my spa dates (my sis, and friend Neera) noticed right away, this doesn’t look like your ordinary cutesy hole-in-the-wall spa, it feels like you’ve walked into a fancy hotel property with a seriously GIANT bliss-faced Buddha that overwhelms the room and you can’t help but pose with. #Instagram!

Mudraa Spa
Mudraa Spa

We actually had this hilarious debate about posing with a kissy face and whether or not that would be disrespectful. Eventually we decided since our love was real it would be ok :)

Meanwhile, the staff will be super courteous and even order you up a subway if you call on the way there because you skipped breakfast and are now starving! (True story.)

What I’m particularly excited to tell you about is their special Monsoon Spa package consisting of a three-hour luxury treatment which is where I parked my sneakers on Monday…

Step 1: You’ll get a relaxing warm foot bath and be shown to your treatment room to change and get comfy.

Step 2: Your therapist will cover you towels, adjust the room temperature and give you a comforting back rub.

Step 3: You’ll hear the hot stones sizzle (admittedly worry about their temperature a little bit) and then feel warm masseuse hands oiling up your back. Alternating between your choice of soft, medium or hard pressure and those incredible smooth hot rocks that immediately liquefy any tension in your muscles while balancing your chakras. You’ll spend the next 45 minutes totally blissed out as this happens all over your body.

Chakra Balancing using Hot Stone Therapies – 60 mins
De-Stressing Oil: Contains Chamomile Oil, Basil Oil, Lavender Oil blended with Jojoba Oil. 
Benefits: Body Balancing, Good Sleep & Anti – Inflammatory

Step 4: Next comes the papaya body wrap which promises to leave your skin soft, supple and with a refreshing glow. The wrap literally means you spend 15 minutes tucked into towels inside a large plastic sheet while your therapist massages your head. At this point you’ll realize why all those celebrities always look so happy – they probably do this once a week!

Papaya Wrap – 30 mins 
Ingredients: Papaya, Himalayan Clay, Aloe Vera 

Step 5: You’ll head into a 5-minute steam bath followed by a warm rain shower and feel your soft skin glowing back at you.

Step 6: You’ll dry off and resume your position on the massage bed for a 45-minute facial which consists of the yummiest smelling face packs I have ever met.

Skin Perfecting & Renewal – 30 mins
Finest Luxury Skincare – from BABOR, Germany

Step 7: You’ll rise to meet your happy face in the mirror and leave the room speechless and pretty blissed out.

The price is right! This whole extravaganza will cost you 6000rs 

Gentlemen treat your ladies! (And I think this calls for a Master Card ad…)

Taxi from Bandra to Marine Drive
Mudraa Spa’s monsoon package
The brownie points you’ll earn for being boyfriend/husband/best friend of the year – Priceless! 

MissMalini at Mudraa Spa
MissMalini at Mudraa Spa

The whole experience ends with a small cup of herbal tea (perhaps a little too potent for some) and a warm thank you for visiting from the sweet staff. Um… no. THANK YOU! My only dilemma now is how soon can I go back? As my pal Neera says, dear Monday, you ARE the new Sunday J xoxo

Mudraa Spa’s Monsoon Spa package is available till the end of August, so hurry!

Contact Info

Mudraa Spa, 1st NKM International House, 178 Backbay Reclamation, Babubhai Chinai Road, Marine Drive, Mumbai 400020
022 – 6634-66-2 / 022 – 6634-666-3
[email protected]

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