Synopsis: The world is in the condition it is, because of you, and the choices you have made – or failed to make. ‘Maureen He and Me’ encapsulates the trials and tribulations of Antara, a young lady, living in Mumbai. How she meets a stranger on the train and bonds with her. The stranger, Agony Aunt Maureen writes for a weekly publication. Antara believes that Agony aunt Maureen cares for everybody and thus Antara begins to depend upon her at various stages in her life. But Antara is obviously mistaken.

Written and Directed by: Troy Ribeiro
Cast: Shilpa Mehta, Mini Ribeiro, Ashish Chawla
Date & Time: Sunday 7th July – 7pm
Venue: NCPA Godrej Theatre
Tickets Available at: NCPA and or call 022 39895050