Wanna Get Lucky with Vh1 ShotByU?

Amruta Khatavkar , 01 Aug 2013

VH1 ShotByUListen up! Vh1 is back with Vh1 ShotByU, a contest that gives all you music lovers an opportunity to feature your entries in a video of your favourite artist. Vh1 is giving their fans a chance to be a part of the international music rage Daft Punk’s music video Get Lucky. Team MissMalini is addicted to this song, have you heard it yet?

All you have to do is go to www.vh1.in/shotbyu and upload your video entries on any of the following:

1) Robot Rock impression
2) A Daft Punk Cosplay
3) What ‘Get Lucky’ means to you

The contest is now open for entries, so go on and grab your video cameras and get shooting and you might just get lucky!

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