3 Beauty Myths Debunked

Karen Alfonso , 20 Aug 2013

There are so many beauty do’s and don’ts out there, it’s hard to keep track. Here are three beauty myths you can throw out for good.

 Brushi Your hair 100 Times before bed

Grandma isn’t right about this one. Brushing your hair excessively before bed time may do you more harm than good. A few brush strokes are more than enough to work out those kinks, and stimulate your scalp.

Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Faster than waxing

Nope, not true. Razors cut through the actual hair follicle, unlike waxing that removes it completely from. So even though your hair is visible sooner, it’s not actually growing faster.

Suncreen is only needed during Summer

UV rays are harmful throughout the year, and in fact you can even damage or burn your skin on a completely cloudy day. So to completely safe, lather up whenever you’re going to be outside for a prolonged time.

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