"I Wanted to Marry Juhi Chawla!" - Ayushmann Khurrana Follows His Heart

Ranjit Rodricks , 23 Aug 2013
Ayushmann khurrana (Pic: Ranjit Rodricks for MissMalini)
Ayushmann khurrana (Pic: Ranjit Rodricks for MissMalini)

Team MissMalini caught up with actor Ayushmann Khurrana at the IES School in Mumbai where he interacted with students as a part of ITC Classmate’s Follow Your Heart initiative.

ITC Classmate believes in the uniqueness of each individual and wants to encourage them in exploring and nurturing their true talents. They called upon Ayushmann to to provide encouragement, and inspire the students with his own life story.

Coming from a non-filmy background and having dabbled in theater, radio, TV and now Bollywood, Ayushmann’s journey to stardom has been a long one.

Listen to what he has to say:

Team MissMalini: Tell us about your journey as an actor.

Ayushmann: I always wanted to be an actor. In fact, since childhood I wanted to be an actor. I decided to be an actor when I saw Qyamat Se Qyamat Tak and Aamir Khan. In fact, I wanted to sing Papa Kehte Hain all the time. I wanted to marry Juhi Chawla. I told this to my grandmother. And apart from that, I did a lot of plays when I was in school. I played Shylock’s character (from Merchant Of Venice) and also acted in a musical called Joseph & The Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat (it was originally by Andrew Lloyd Webber). So yes, I always wanted to be an actor. But, I ran a different course all together – from theatre to radio to television and eventually, films.

Team MM: What are the difficulties you had to face along your journey

Ayushmann: I faced a lot of difficulties. I think it was difficult to be an actor – directly! I think I had to make a different path for myself because I’m not from the industry. I’m an outsider and I didn’t have a godfather. The best part is that I was part of a youth channel and I think by the rule of thumb, every anchor or VJ on TV gets a chance at films. So yes, I had a fair chance because I was an anchor on a youth channel. I think if the journey is fun, you don’t mind the difficulties at all.

Team MM: Tell us about the Follow Your Heart initiative which you are a part of.

Ayushmann: I think it’s quite commendable. We did huge interaction where we were connected to thousands of students across the country who listened intently to our success stories. It’s very interesting and I think in life, everybody should strike the right balance between following your heart and your mind.

Ayushmann khurrana
Ayushmann khurrana

Team MM: What are your recent film projects?

Ayushmann: I have just finished (an as yet, untitled) film with Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor and directed by Nupur Asthana. It’s a love story set in the time of recession and I’m the one affected by the recession. And I’m in love with Sonam’s character, who is doing better than me in life. Her father is an IAS officer and is played by Rishi Kapoor. So, it’s like a rom-com with some good situations between all three of us.

Team MM: Tell us about the interesting style you’re sporting today.

Ayushmann: Well, this is the second time I’m wearing this jacket. The first time I wore it was for the screening of Ship Of Theseus. I wanted to carry off the school boy look for this event. That’s why I’m wearing these white PT shoes, blue trousers, check shirt and a solid tie to get that school boy look.

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