9 Awesome, Unforgettable Bollywood Movie Moments

MissMalini , 11 Sep 2013

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that this list is based on my own, very personal – and devotedly long – relationship with Bollywood. And chances are I’ll very well be showing my age in the process (here’s looking at you 1989) but what the hell, I love it and I’m not afraid to show it. Also please don’t be upset if your favourite moments somehow didn’t make the cut. There are so many aren’t there? Just leave me a comment below and tell me what they are because I would really love to know. :) Ok? Here we go!


Oh my god, this scene from K3G kills me every time. I don’t think I’m THAT much of a softy but somehow it’s waterworks for me EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch this movie at this exact point. You?


I think by now everybody knows how much I LOVE Andaz Apna ApnaBut if there was one scene in particular that totally slays me it’s this one.


The “Uncle Kaun” scene inevitable reminds me of this next scene from the same movie. Plus I’ve heard SO many people use this in random funny conversation that it’s hard to forget :) AND THEN Crime Master Gogo makes an appearance and I die laughing.

4. S-O-R-R-Y, Sorry.

Aside from the fact that this film had an absolutely epic soundtrack, I thought this scene in particular was just so… SWEET!

*Sorry I couldn’t find the Hindi version but it’s almost as cute in Tamil/Telugu :) loosely translated to say: “S-O-R-R-Y, sorry. Hum bure to hain par itne bhi nahin. Thode achche bhi hain.” Awww.

5. Pooja BhATT. THAT GIRL, SHE BE Nuts!

I have to admit I was very impressed with Pooja Bhatt‘s ability to play the complicated, beautiful, crazy girl. She did it so true-to-life and was well ahead of her time, pixie cut and all – dontchya think?


This one makes the cut simply because, well one its DDLJ and two, I’ve heard this dialogue in regular conversation too, at least 500 times! Utterly tragic though that the matching Senorita song only came out 16 years later in ZNMD.

7. ONe ‘o’ clock in my house…

I have to dedicate this one to my pal Chetan Kapoor who, in hindsight, is responsible for much of this list! But THIS song in particular we somehow always break out on Holi every year. And yup, we know ALL the lyrics. Although we sing it more enth-cutlet than the funky town original. Good times, Kapoor. Good times. :)


I’ve always been a sucker for those big bad (yes, usually terrible) Bollywood reincarnation flicks. But whatever, they’re fun and SO full of drama. And I would be remiss if I left out the epic Karan Arjun. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan standing side-by-side as the innocentest of brothers. Man… those were the days.


And finally it appears I have somehow ended up with a list of movie scenes that figure quite frequently quoted in my everyday life! *lol* ah what the heck :) I’m glad the last one on my list is this epic Rajnikanth/Sridevi starer Chaalbaaz. And yes, STILL my theme song for every drunken Sunday brunch!

Now you know mine, tell me yours. Hurry! Hum intezaar karenge… xoxo

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