Gucci’s Bamboo Confidential…

Zina Tasreen , 15 Sep 2013
Gucci's Bamboo Shopper bag
Gucci’s Bamboo Shopper bag

Trust you all know of Gucci’s iconic Bamboo shopper bag? Often seen on the arms of a host of slebs that include Sonam Kapoor, the Italian fashion house has decided to shill it some more: they have come up with a gorgeous short film called Bamboo Confidential for it.

Shot on location in London at The Savoy, the short – a game of seduction and pursuit – takes viewers back to founder Guccio Gucci’s pivotal beginnings. It was here at this historic hotel, where working as a lift boy in the early 1900s, Guccio was inspired by the new travelling class and formulated the idea to one day launch his eponymous leather goods company. Fittingly, a key scene of the film finds our heroine making a quick change in the hotel’s elevator.

Gucci's Lady Lock handbag
Gucci’s Lady Lock handbag

All of Gucci’s social media networks will also dedicate two weeks to the Bamboo story, covering not only the video but also the history and craftsmanship behind the icon. Of special note is an Instagram initiative involving 40 bloggers from 19 countries (which includes our MissMalini!!!), all of whom interpreted the Bamboo Confidential narrative by snapping images of themselves and the bags in elevators throughout the world.

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