Preity Zinta Lashes Out at Abbas Tyrewala

Rashmi Daryanani
Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is one angry lady. A few days ago, reports were doing the rounds that a non-bailable arrest warrant had been issued against the actress, allegedly because a cheque that she sent writer Abbas Tyrewala had bounced. The cheque of Rs. 18.9 lakh was given to him for his writing work on Ishkq in Paris; however, Preity claims that this cheque was supposed to be deposited only if he had done the work required. Since Tyrewala didn’t deliver, Preity says she does not owe him any money.

Preity Zinta

According to PZ, they had stopped his payment, but she didn’t register the case of a stolen cheque as she didn’t want to embarrass him. But now it seems that she’s not going to hold back.

Preity Zinta says:

“We will take appropriate action against him now that he has escalated the court and involved the media for publicity. I’m not stupid to endanger my self by getting a cheque bounced.”

Preity Zinta

The actress claims that she has paid each person involved in the film. In fact, even Rajeev Masand‘s most recent blind item hints that she has:

An actress who produced a starring vehicle for herself recently is left with substantial debts to clear, according to the Bollywood grapevine. While a comeback looks unlikely, what the leading lady does appear to have in abundance is the goodwill of her unit. Even below-the-line staff and technicians have revealed that their fees were paid in full and that the actress never scrounged on their dues like many producers in the industry often do.

We’ll have to see how this case unfolds!

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